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The Mysteries of France – Part II

December 8, 2010


Speaking of alignments, here are some from  the largest collection of standing stones in the world:  3,000 of them:


Organic lawnmowers.

Their origin is even more mysterious than that of Chartres. Nothing is known about who carved and raised them, how or why.  Even when is in question. Excavations beneath them have revealed nothing to carbon date. They’re estimated to be around 5 ½ thousand years old.

They must have had great value to those who raised them. The project required an enormous effort for Neolithic times.  It’s curious that they’ve been so little studied. All we have are a few theories.  One explanation is that their alignment relates to sunsets – suggesting a similar usage to the hole in the window at Chartres. This region has the highest seismic activity in France, so perhaps they were used as primitive seismometers.

My favorite explanation attributes them to Merlin.  His legend crossed the English channel to the mythic Broceliande forest north of Carnac. We passed it driving to the stones. That forest is said to house a magical fountain. Old Merlin is supposedly buried in the forest – or actually still living at the bottom of some lake.

Legend has it that he pointed at a legion of Roman soldiers down at Carnac, and with a flash of light from the end of his finger turned them to stone. Never mind that these stones predate the Romans by several thousand years.

Of course it could as well be druids who raised the stones at Carnac. The great thing about druids is no one knows the first thing about them. That makes them the perfect explanation for every sort of weird old relics and phenomena – It was druids, dude.

We also saw dolmens:


And Menhirs:


No comments on this fellow, please:IMG_1487 (1)


This one was even taller, the tallest in the world. Aw, he fell down.

As the song says, “The harder they come, the harder they fall.”

(Next – Part III – Mont. St. Michel)







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This is just inredible!! I await more and rated with hugs
Just last week I spent a memorable day walking among the stones…which we had all to ourselves, it being off-season and all. I got a few pictures to post one of these days…
So cool — I can’t wait to journey to see Europe.
Again, those standing stones are all over England as well, pre-date Druids…and in Central Europe, they are now discovering how many standing stones/ circles sites were made of wood first! The archaeological evidence of the original wood structures are being excavated more and more, with these remains of ancient standing stones having been built after as a more permanent spot for….??? Whatever the ancients built them for.
(I have my own theories : ))
Thanks again for sharing these photos and story!
Beautiful pictures, love the story behind these amazing stones.
Gotta love the Druids.
rated with love
Keep traveling and writing Luminous. You’re getting to places I didn’t and the vicarious life is better than…excuse me while I recast this sentence.

And oh those Druids. As Nigel Tufnel says “No one knows who they were, or what they were doing”.

LM: I’ve loved these posts haven’t had time to comment but I’ve loved it so far thanks. Know that I’ve walked these steps with you. Thumbs Up from me.
This is so amazing. Once more a place in France I haven’t seen yet, sadly. Thanks for great photos and a fascinating and funny read!
This is just fascinating. I know this probably sounds dotty, but maybe extra terrestrials do exist!

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